Policies & Procedures


Administrative Variances Standard Operating Procedures (Adopted 5-5-2016)

Allocating Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds under the American Rescue Plan Act (Adopted 9-30-2021)

Contribution Policy & Procedures (Adopted 1-8-2014)

Co-Sponsored Activities Policy (Adopted 3-10-2010)

Election Procedures (Adopted 12-13-2023)

Facility Use Policy During Power Outages (Adopted 12-10-2018)

Forecast Newsletter Guidelines (Adopted 1-6-2011)

Investment Policy (Adopted 11-12-2014)

Overgrown Vegetation Management Standard Operating Procedures (Adopted 1-8-2014)

Public Information Act Policy (Adopted 11-9-2022)

Reasonable Accommodation Policy (Adopted 10-12-2011)

Run-Off Election Procedures (Adopted 2-12-2014)

Social Media Policy (Adopted 7-1-2014)

Subdivision Review Protocol (Adopted 3-10-2010)

Subdivision Standards (Adopted 3-10-2010)

Town Crier Policy (Adopted 10-13-2010)


Operating Procedures and Roles and Responsibilities (Approved 12-9-2019)

Parks, Grounds & Trees

Consulting Arborist Program Standard Operating Procedures (Adopted 9-11-2013)

Land Conservation Program Standard Operating Procedures (Adopted 5-1-2012)

Open Space Acquisition Goals, Criteria and Procedures (Adopted 10-9-2013)

Private Tree Removals and Appeals Standard Operating Procedures (Adopted 3-9-2016)

Public Tree Removals and Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures (Adopted 3-11-2015)

Tree Donation and Dedication Policy (Adopted 4-15-1998)

Tree Protection Policy (Adopted 1-14-2009)

Traffic, Streets & Sidewalks

New Street Light Policy (Adopted 10-12-2011)

Radar Speed Board and LED Stop Sign Policy (Adopted 2-8-2023)

Sidewalk Policy (Adopted 6-13-2007)

Speed Hump Policy (Adopted 4-14-2021)

Traffic Restrictions and Signage Policy (Adopted 2-13-2008)