Community Relations Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Relations Committee is to create a deep sense of community and neighborliness among the town's residents. The committee organizes activities and events aimed at residents of all ages and interests; communicates to town residents the information they need to be active participants in the town; and helps residents reach out to their town government so that it will be responsive to their needs and concerns. The committee also provides opportunities for community service.


  • Mary Flynn, Council Liaison
  • Wicca Davidson, Chair
  • Nazli Chaudhry
  • Lindsay Greenfield
  • Suzi Keehn
  • Bob Lyford
  • Aki Peritz
  • Barbara Rose
  • Loretta Sevier
  • Cathy Slesinger
  • Julie Stanish
  • Julie Trocchio
  • Ann Wild

Committee Goals

Committee Reports

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted upon approval at a regularly scheduled committee meeting.

Initiatives & Policies