Code & Regulations

Municipal Code

The Town of Chevy Chase Municipal Code is a compilation of bylaws organized by subject.

Municipal Charter

Article I- Incorporation

Article II- The Council

Article III- Powers of the Town

Article IV- Registration, Nomination and Elections

Article V- Finance

Article VI- Personnel

Article VII- Public Ways and Sidewalks

Article VIII- Special Assessments

Article IX- Town Property

Article X- Town Provisions

Code of Chevy Chase Regulations

The Code of Chevy Chase Regulations (CCCR) is a compilation of rules and requirements that the town manager and mayor may issue pursuant to a delegation of authority in the code:

  • Final Regulation 2007-1 - Establishing designation, citation, definitions, and rules of construction for the Code of Chevy Chase Regulations
  • Final Regulation 2007-2 - Establishing contents of a water drainage plan and report and establishing water drainage management measures
  • Final Regulation 2007-3 - Establishing requirements for making modifications to a document submission (application, permit, plan, proposal, variance, or appeal request) before the town
  • Final Regulation 2007-4 - Establishing building permit condition form and affidavit
  • Final Regulation 2012-1 - Governing the applicability of the water drainage regulations, etc.
  • Final Regulation 2012-2 - Governing the use of bio retention cells, also known as "rain gardens"