Long-Range Planning Committee

Mission Statement

The Long-Range Planning Committee identifies, monitors and analyzes emerging trends and local, county and state activities that could affect the Town’s quality of life and recommends appropriate Council actions. It also monitors implementation of the Town’s Strategic Plan.

In June 2020, the Town Council created the Subcommittee on Regional Growth and Development. The special subcommittee of the Long Range Planning Committee was formed to help the Town Council develop a coordinated approach to Thrive Montgomery 2050 and the County Growth Policy 2020-2024, working with members of the Land Use Committee and with our neighboring communities.  

*The Long Range Planning Committee worked jointly with the Land Use Committee from September 15, 2021  through August 2022.


  • Barney Rush, Council Liaison
  • Ellen Cornelius Ericson, Chair
  • Rohit Bhayana
  • Susmita Dubey
  • Dedun Ingram
  • Jay Kelly
  • Tambra Leonard
  • Larry Platt
  • Stacy Schacter
  • Stephen Seidel
  • David Valenstein
  • Adele Waugaman
  • David Wittenstein

Committee Goals

Committee Reports

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted prior to each meeting.  Minutes are posted upon approval at a regularly scheduled committee meeting.

Results of Town Reserves Forum

In February, the Town held two public forums to present and discuss options for using the Town’s reserve funds for new or expanded programs, services or special initiatives. These options were developed by the Town’s Long Range Planning Committee based on the results of the questionnaire that was sent to every Town household in early 2014. The final results presented to the Town Council is available here.