Public Tree Programs

Street Tree Planting

Each year the town plants approximately 80 street trees. Once the trees are planted, the town will care for the trees for the first year by ensuring that they are watered.

In November 2007, the Town Council approved a policy, recommended by the Climate and Environment Committee, that gives the town the sole authority to decide whether and what type of tree to plant in any public space, right-of-way, or other public property. However, the town will solicit the affected homeowner for his or her preferences as to the species of the tree and may take those preferences into account.

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Public Tree Maintenance and Removals

The town is responsible for maintaining each of the 2,000 street trees that are located in the town right-of-way. The town’s arborist evaluates each tree every few weeks during the growing season. Based on his findings, work orders are created for both tree care and pest management. The work orders that involve tree care are given to the town’s tree maintenance contractor who is responsible for removing any deadwood, co-dominate leaders, sprouts, crossing branches, or damaged branches in the trees, as assigned by the town’s arborist.

If you have a tree that is located in the town right-of-way and would like it to be examined, please send a request (see link below) to the Town Office. The town’s arborist will examine the tree and issue a work order if appropriate.

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Public Tree Removals and Maintenance Standard Operating Procedures