Consulting Water Management Program

The Consulting Water Management Program offers residents the opportunity to obtain professional recommendations on improving water management on their property.

Under the program, a resident may request a water drainage review by the Town’s consulting engineer. After visiting the property, the engineer will provide a written report to the resident with recommendations on improving water drainage and runoff. The recommendations will not be mandatory for implementation by the resident, in whole or in part, and the Town will not be liable for any results, positive or negative, if implemented. This service is offered to residents one time each year and is not provided to assist with water management related to new construction, which is regulated by the Town’s Water Drainage Ordinance. The service does not include developing engineering plans to address water drainage or runoff problems. Neither the engineer nor the Town will address issues relating to water coming from a neighboring property if such problems cannot be ameliorated within the requestor’s property.

To sign up, residents should complete the online application.  Please contact the Town Office at for more information.