Streets & Sidewalks

Street/Sidewalk Maintenance & Repairs

The Town has approximately ten miles of streets and twenty miles of sidewalks. The Town performs street and sidewalk repairs each year, usually in the fall and spring. If you would like to request street or sidewalk repairs, or to report a tripping hazard, please complete a request.

New Sidewalk Construction

Under the provisions of the Town Charter, the Town may construct sidewalks on Town property along any public way or part thereof. The Town's Sidewalk Policy details the decision process to be followed by the Town in considering requests for the construction of new sidewalks.

Overgrown Vegetation

For Sidewalks: All sidewalks must have a minimum vertical clearance of 7 feet from edge to edge.

For Streets: All streets must have a minimum vertical clearance of 14 feet from curb edge to curb edge.

In addition to the minimum standards above, the Town may require additional pruning or removal of vegetation on public or private property to eliminate other public safety hazards. To report an overgrown vegetation violation, please contact the Town Office at

Speed Humps

The Town's Speed Hump Policy outlines the process to request and consider the installation of new speed humps on town roads.

Street Lights

Residents may request a new streetlight to be installed on an existing utility pole or report a street light outage.

Traffic Restrictions & Signage

The Town's Traffic Restrictions and Signage Policy outlines the procedure to request and consider installation of speed limit and traffic control signs.

 Street Sweeping 

A Town contractor sweeps all Town streets each month, except during leaf collection season. The sweeping schedule is weather-dependent.