Public Safety

The Town is part of Montgomery County Police Department’s (MCPD) 2nd District (see district map).  In addition, the Town employs off-duty MCPD officers to detect and deter criminal activity and to enforce the Town’s speed limits and other traffic laws.  The Town currently contracts with 16 off-duty Montgomery County police officers.  Contracted MCPD officers have the same authority and similar duties as on-duty MCPD officers.  View current contract.  

Most Town residents will not know if a police officer seen in Town is working an on-duty shift for Montgomery County or an off-duty shift for the Town. To submit a question, complaint, or compliment about an officer in the Town, please contact the Town Office as well as MCPD.  

The Town is committed to public safety enforcement free of discrimination based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation.  

Area Crimes

For information on area crimes, see MCPD's weekly crime summaries.

Reporting Crimes and Emergencies

Law Enforcement Services 

In an emergency, please call 911.  Please report all crimes or suspicious activity to MCPD’s non-emergency line at 301-279-8000.  See MCPD’s guidance on when to call the non-emergency line.  Both 911 and the non-emergency line are equipped for callers with hearing and/or speech impairments.  Additionally, please report all incidents to the Town Office so that we can notify our contracted officers and work with the 2nd District to respond accordingly.  

For mental health crises, the Montgomery County Mobile Crisis Team (240-777-4000) is staffed with licensed mental health professionals from The Crisis Center and responds to mental health crises with police.  The team provides crisis evaluation, make referrals, and help facilitate hospitalization or other treatment if needed. 

Non-Law Enforcement Services 

Some situations or incidents may not require or be best served by police intervention.  For assistance with a mental health emergency or substance abuse intervention, call 211, Press 1 (Maryland’s crisis line, part of 211 Maryland).  Support via text and web chat is also available.  

Fire Safety

Montgomery County has provided a list of fire safety tips.  You are encouraged to download and print this sheet and keep it in a location where it can be easily referenced.