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Posted on: August 24, 2021

7100 Connecticut Avenue (former 4-H Property) Redevelopment Information

Following a June 8 discussion of the updated concept plan for redevelopment of the former 4-H property, the Town Council sent a letter to the property owners requesting additional information about the redevelopment, including details about the height and massing of the proposed buildings. Once that information is received and shared publicly, the Town will solicit resident feedback.

On June 2, the developers of 7100 Connecticut Avenue presented an updated concept plan for redevelopment of the former 4-H property (see video and slideshow). The developers considered the Town’s April 15 response to the initial redevelopment plan and revised the plan to incorporate this feedback.  Residents are encouraged to review the updated plan and provide feedback to the Town Council by email to

Following the February 17 presentation of the concept plan (see video and slideshow), the Town Council collected feedback from residents and from the 4-H Special Committee and discussed the proposed plan at a Town Council work session on March  9.  On March 16, the Town submitted a set of questions to the owners of 7100 Connecticut Avenue regarding the concept plan.  And on March 25, the owners provided responses to these questions, which address matters such as building height, density, number of units, and shared amenities. 

The Town Council also developed a draft response to the concept plan, which followed the outline of issues that we set out in our letter of September 30, 2021. We encouraged residents to review and provide feedback on this draft response by emailing the Town Council, completing a Town survey (the survey closed on March 28, and the results are available here), and speaking during a Town forum on March 30. On April 6, the Town's 4-H Special Committee submitted comments to the Town Council on the draft response. And on April 7, the Council held a work session to finalize the Town's response to the initial concept plan.

Thank you for your comments and participation as we respond to the redevelopment plans for 7100 Connecticut Avenue.

4-H Center Sale Information & Documents

The 4-H Center property, located at 7100 Connecticut Avenue, is a unique 12.28-acre parcel within the Town of Chevy Chase. The Town has had a long standing and cordial relationship with the 4-H Center, as evidenced by the following documents: (i) a Memorandum of Understanding that governs various matters regarding the use of the site; and (ii) a Ground Lease and Development Agreement that gives the Town the right to maintain a garage on the site until 2028.  In addition, a Declaration of Covenants from 1968 establishes an 81-foot setback along Thornapple Street (the location of Thornapple Street and the 81-foot setback in relation to the 4-H Center property is depicted on this subdivision plan).  The Town has certain regulatory authorities over all development within the municipal Town limits, including a building ordinance, an urban forest ordinance, and a water drainage ordinance.  

In April 2021, the Town Council approved a policy statement that established opportunities to be sought and issues to be addressed to guide the Town’s engagement with prospective bidders and the seller.  And, in September 2021, the Town sent the new owners a letter that outlines the Town’s key interests in the redevelopment.

4-H Center Development -- Survey Results & Resident Feedback Report 

Friends and neighbors came together both informally and formally to share their concerns, solutions, and general ideas about the 4-H Conference Center property that was listed for sale on March 18, 2021. This report is a summary of approximately three months of communication among the residents of the Town of Chevy Chase. 

To encourage dialogue, the Town of Chevy Chase reached out to the community in a variety of ways. First, there were, and continue to be, touchpoints such as 4-H committee meetings, listening sessions, a town forum, a walkthrough of adjacent backyards, and meetings with neighboring residents. 

Second, the Town Council and the 4-H Committee have endeavored to track preferences through an online survey (raw data in Excel file), which was launched on May 17, 2021 and completed by 464 residents. Residents have also come together to express their ideas through four letters and twenty-seven emails. There was no consensus; however, there were many preferences and recommendations articulated. 

Many residents joined listening sessions, participated in the town forum, opened their backyards, met with the Town Council, signed on to letters, sent emails, and completed the survey. Any form of communication is welcome, and we hope it will continue!

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