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Traffic Control Sign Request

  1. Traffic Restrictions and Signage Policy:

    Under the provisions of the Municipal Code of the Town of Chevy Chase, “all laws, ordinances and regulations enacted by the state and county with respect to the operation of motor or other types of vehicles are in effect in the town. The Town Council, however, reserves the right to establish more rigorous restrictions on the operation of motor or other types of vehicles in the public interest.” 

    Please review the Town's Traffic Restrictions and Signage Policy, which delineates the decision process to be followed by the Town in considering such additional restrictions and their implementation, including appropriate signage.

    A request related to restrictions on the operation of motor vehicles within the Town may include, but are not limited to: Speed limits; Stop signs, Parking restrictions; One-way, do not enter and turning restrictions; Warning signs.

    Requests from individuals should be submitted to the Town. Petitions from multiple individuals are not required. The request should specify the change(s) requested and state the reason(s) for the request. Any existing roadway conditions which support the request should be noted, which may include the following, as appropriate:

    -- history of traffic accidents or vehicular/pedestrian crashes

    -- identified or documented evidence of speeding or other violations of traffic laws

    -- proximity to schools and other pedestrian destinations, such as the Leland Center, transit stops, parks, and places of worship

    -- data from past traffic studies

    -- other unique circumstances that support the proposed change

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