How difficult was the installation process?
All three panelists described the process as thorough, highly professional and careful, with the installer taking care of design documents, permits, and inspections. Where necessary, supports were added to the rafters to make sure the panels are properly supported. Also, you are advised to make sure that your shingles are in good shape before installation. The companies do prefer shingles over slate. The full process, from meeting with an installer though to metered generation, can take several months. However, up to a couple of months of that time is taken up with contract review and signing and permitting. The physical installation work can be done in less than a week, but there could then be a subsequent several week gap before PEPCO provides the necessary new meter and hook up.

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1. Does it make sense to have PV panels on my roof?
2. What’s an average size of a system, and how much electricity might it produce?
3. How difficult was the installation process?
4. Are there any maintenance issues?
5. Will solar help me maintain power during an outage?
6. Sometimes a system will produce more power than a home needs; other times, less. How does PEPCO manage this, and how will I be billed?
7. How much does a system cost, and how do I pay for it?
8. What could change over time regarding these options?
9. So if I’m interested in getting a PV system, when should I get going on it?
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11. Are there any community discount programs that I could participate in?
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