Does it make sense to have PV panels on my roof?
Solar installers will work with you, and apply some on-the-spot computer modeling, to give you an answer. It will depend on the slope of the roof, and in which direction it faces, the size of the roof area which would have the panels, and the extent of the tree canopy. For the Town of Chevy Chase, it’s been estimated that approximately 20% of the homes are clearly suitable for large systems, and 50% may be suitable for smaller systems.

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1. Does it make sense to have PV panels on my roof?
2. What’s an average size of a system, and how much electricity might it produce?
3. How difficult was the installation process?
4. Are there any maintenance issues?
5. Will solar help me maintain power during an outage?
6. Sometimes a system will produce more power than a home needs; other times, less. How does PEPCO manage this, and how will I be billed?
7. How much does a system cost, and how do I pay for it?
8. What could change over time regarding these options?
9. So if I’m interested in getting a PV system, when should I get going on it?
10. What companies do you recommend for solar installations?
11. Are there any community discount programs that I could participate in?
12. Where can I get more information about solar energy?