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Posted on: June 24, 2023

Rosemary Triangle Park Improvement Project

This page provides updates on the Rosemary Triangle Park Improvement project. Please refer to this page and to published Town Criers for further information and updates.

September 2023

The Town arborist has completed a plant inventory of Rosemary Triangle park.  At its September meeting, the Council asked staff to develop a replanting plan for one garden bed and to identify possible locations for a bench or benches.  At its November 8 meeting, the Council will review this information, decide upon the scope of proposed park improvements, and discuss how to solicit resident feedback.

June 2023

During its June meeting, the Climate & Environment Committee (CEC) members discussed enhancements to Rosemary Triangle park, and acknowledged that changes likely would be limited to replacement of invasive plants with native and/or appropriate non-native plants. The Town arborist is currently developing a plant inventory and a proposed list of plants to replace the invasive species.

In September, the Council will discuss the committee’s recommendation, review the arborist’s report, and decide upon the scope of park improvements. Depending upon the approved scope, the Council will discuss how to solicit resident feedback. The Town does not anticipate the need to solicit bids or proposals for any potential work, which can be done through the Town’s current procurement and landscaping contracts. 

May 2023

At its May 10 meeting, the Town Council discussed the process of considering enhancements to Rosemary Triangle Park, as proposed by the Town's Climate and Environment Committee. The Town Council noted that the Town is awaiting a final topographical survey of the park to determine whether any potential park improvements would conflict with underground utilities. The survey, which does not identify any conflicts, is available here

At its May meeting, the Council also noted concerns expressed by some residents about the scope of the proposal and discussed the option of replanting with some native plants and placing a few benches adjacent to the perimeter sidewalk. The Council agreed to schedule and publicize a community “walkinar” of the park in the fall to review existing conditions and to solicit resident feedback on possible, limited enhancements. The Town arborist will inventory all plantings in the park prior to this event.

January 2023

The Council discussed the Climate and Environment Committee’s Rosemary Triangle Park improvement proposal and agreed to undertake preliminary  survey work to identify what improvements are possible in the park.

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