Posted on: February 20, 2018

Public Hearings Scheduled for March 19

At its March 19 meeting, the Town Council will hold public hearings on proposed amendments to the Town Ethics Ordinance and Building Code.

Ethics Ordinance -- The Town’s Ethics Commission proposed certain amendments to the Town Ethics Ordinance.  Some of these changes are mandatory, while others are optional.  The mandatory amendments are a result of changes to the State’s Ethics Law and include redaction of home addresses on the Financial Disclosure Statement if publicly inspected and prohibiting Town elected officials form engaging in lobbying in the Town for one year after leaving office.  The optional amendments are proposed to exclude exchange-traded funds from reporting requirements, as allowed by new State law, and to add an example of an improper use of prestige of office, for clarifying purposes. 

Building Code -- The Town’s Land Use Committee has proposed several amendments to the Town Building Code with the goal of reducing burden on property owners where appropriate, without compromising protections for other property owners or the Town’s character (view an executive summary of the changes).  In January, the Town Council held a work session to review the proposed changes and, at its February 12 meeting, introduced an ordinance to enact the changes, which include:

  • Decoupling the front and side setback requirements for certain additions to existing houses from the established building line (EBL) setback measurement;
  • Relaxing the setback requirements for front porch additions to existing homes;
  • Allowing certain roof coverings over side entrances;
  • Allowing additional plantings to be installed in the public right-of-way; and
  • Making technical and organizational corrections to reflect current Town practices.

If you are unable to attend the March 19 Council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m. in the Town Hall, you may submit your comments on the proposed ordinances to the Town Office at 4301 Willow Lane or townoffice@townofchevychase.org.

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