Park Improvements

Zimmerman Park Master Plan

The Town is developing a master plan for Zimmerman Park. The plan will include a variety of amenities currently under discussion. Here you will find events and documents associated with development of a master plan.

Dog Exercise Area

The Town is considering installation of an off-leash dog exercise area within the Town.  Here you will find the events and documents associated with that consideration.

The Lee Wick Dennison Sustainable Garden

The Town is planning to install the Lee Wick Dennison Sustainable Garden. Here you will find the events and documents associated with the planning

Zimmerman Park Path

The Town is planning to install a path in Zimmerman Park that will provide pedestrians traveling to downtown Bethesda and to B-CC High School with a safe route across the Park to the East-West Highway sidewalk. Here you will find the events and documents associated with the planning.  

October 2019

On Wednesday, October 23 at 6 p.m. in the Town Hall, the Town Council will hold a work session to review and discuss conceptual master plans for Zimmerman Park.  Over the past several months, the Town has been working with a landscape architect to develop plans for various amenities in Zimmerman Park.  One of the concept plans includes a dog exercise area, while the other does not.  Both plans, which are available for review on the Town website, include a small playground and open green space. 

At its work session, the Town Council will discuss how to solicit resident input on any plans that it agrees to advance.  While there will not be an opportunity for public comment at the work session, residents are encouraged to share their thoughts with the Council by email to A public hearing will be held before any possible changes are implemented. 

January 2019 

The Town Council would like your ideas about possible improvements to Zimmerman Park. The Council recently approved a sustainable garden in the south end of the park as well as a pathway and staircase in the north end of the park. Councilmember Wicca Davidson is currently reaching out to residents who live near the park to get their ideas on possible amenities, but the Council wants to hear from all residents before making any decisions about what to include in the park planning process. Please email your suggestions to The Council will review your ideas and determine which improvements to include in a park master plan, which will be the subject of a future public hearing. If you have questions or need more information, please call 301-654-7144 or email We look forward to hearing from you!