2011 Tree Removal Permits

AddressForPurpose for Removal
Issue Date
4105 Thornapple StreetCedarBroken by Storm2/3/2011
4509 Elm Street2 Red MaplesCavity in Main Trunk; Multi stemmed at base2/3/2011
6800 Connecticut AvenueMagnoliaDamaged by Storm2/3/2011
4506 Leland StreetMapleDamaged by Storm2/3/2011

CedarDamaged by Storm; Growing into house foundation2/3/2011
7610 Lynn DriveMapleCodominant with crack at base2/3/2011
3917 Woodbine StreetMagnoliaBroken in Storm2/3/2011
4409 Stanford StreetJuniperBroken in Storm2/8/2011
7413 Oak LaneMapleCodominant with crack at base and decay2/8/2011
4507 Elm StreetNorway MapleUndesirable Tree Species2/11/2011
3919 Virgilia StreetPlumIn Decline2/14/2011

Leyland CypressDamaged by Storm2/14/2011
7605 Maple AvenueNorway MapleUndesirable Tree Species2/15/2011

Norway SpruceHazardous2/15/2011
4307 Curtis RoadLeyland CypressDamaged by storm2/21/2011
4228 East-West HighwayLocustUndesirable Tree Species2/23/2011

3906 Aspen StreetRedbudDecay in main trunk3/2/2011

LarchLeaning towards house, losing large branches3/2/2011
3906 Rosemary StreetWhite PineIn decline3/2/2011
4127 Leland StreetRed MapleHazardous, Defect in upper trunk3/8/2011
4318 Curtis Road2 Black Cherry, 1 MulberryUndesirable tree species3/17/2011

Tilia, ElmHazardous3/17/2011
3916 Underwood Street2 White Pine, 2 SpruceHazardous, Broken Canopies3/17/2011
4100 Rosemary Street2 Bradford PearsUndesirable tree species3/17/2011
7509 Tarrytown RoadBradford PearUndesirable tree species3/17/2011
4407 Leland StreetMulberryUndesirable tree species3/17/2011
7214 Ridgewood AvenueHickoryDead3/17/2011
4112 Blackthorn StreetRed OakIn decline with defects in trunk3/17/2011
7206 Meadow LaneVariousClick Here3/22/2011
4202 Oakridge LaneSilver MapleHazardous, Codominant with cavities3/29/2011
4007 Bradley LaneLeyland CypressOvergrown4/5/2011
4210 Oakridge LaneRed MapleDying, Hollow in main stem4/9/2011
7605 Maple AvenueHollyMulti-stemmed, hazard of splitting4/9/2011
4231 Leland Street8 White Pine TreesAll Dead or Dying4/14/2011
4309 Thornapple StreetAmerican HollySeverely Damaged by Storm, Half of canopy gone4/14/2011
7009 East AvenueArborvitaOvergrown4/25/2011

2 Spruce Dead4/25/2011

2 LocustDead4/25/2011
6709 East AvenueMulberryUndesirable Species4/25/2011
4112 Woodbine Street14 TreesVarious5/2/2011
7415 Oak LaneWalnutDamaging Property5/2/2011
7303 Oakridge AvenueCrabappleDying5/2/2011
4211 Bradley LaneSilver MapleHazardous5/2/2011
6913 Oakridge Avenue3 Leyland CypressDamaging House Foundation5/3/2011
6903 Oakridge AvenueCedarHazardous5/27/2011
4224 East-West HighwayElmHazardous5/27/2011
4118 Woodbine StreetRed MapleHazardous6/3/2011
7700 Connecticut Avenue2 Norway MaplesHazardous6/3/2011
7402 Meadow LaneHemlockDead6/15/2011
4420 Walsh StreetNorway MapleUndesirable Species6/20/2011
4330 Leland Street2 ArborvitaeStorm Damaged6/23/2011
7704 Meadow LaneMulberryUndesirable Species6/23/2011
6819 Meadow LaneSpruceIn Decline, Overgrown7/1/2011
7113 Ridgewood AvenueRed OakLarge Hollow in Base of Tree7/13/2011
4004 Rosemary StreetCherry, Hemlock, 2 CedarsAll hazardous7/13/2011
4007 Underwood StreetScarlet OakDamaged by Storm7/13/2011
6900 Ridgewood AvenueHickoryHazardous, Crack in Major Limb7/27/2011
6900 Ridgewood AvenueElmHazardous7/27/2011
6909 East Avenue1 Arborvitae, 1 Blue SpruceBoth Hazardous8/9/2011
4225 Leland StreetPine, Dogwood, Tulip PoplarPine and Poplar Approved, Dogwood Denied8/9/2011
3902 Rosemary StreetPineDead8/10/2011
7012 Beechwood DriveOakHazardous, Hollow in Upper Trunk8/11/2011
4135 Woodbine StreetOakHazardous8/11/2011
3902 Aspen StreetBlack LocustDecay in Trunk8/22/2011
7602 Connecticut Avenue3 PinesMany limbs broken, Hazardous8/22/2011
7202 Ridgewood AvenueTulip PoplarHazardous, Extensive Dieback8/22/2011
4111 Leland StreetTulip PoplarStorm Damaged8/22/2011
4129 Woodbine StreetWhite PineStorm Damaged8/23/2011
4131 Woodbine StreetMapleStorm Damaged8/23/2011
4113 Woodbine StreetLeyland CypressSeverely Leaning8/25/2011
4320 Leland StreetHemlockDead8/25/2011
7202 Oakridge AvenuePine50% dead9/6/2011
7206 Meadow LaneHollyDenied9/13/2011
7103 Ridgewood AvenueBeechIn decline, severely hazardoud9/26/2011
7717 Chatham RoadScarlet OakDead9/26/2011
4424 Walsh StreetAshCodominant with developing crack9/26/2011
4202 Maple Terrace3 Tulip PoplarsAll hazardous9/30/2011
7207 Maple AvenueBlackgumHazardous9/30/2011
7207 Maple AvenueHickoryDenied9/30/2011
4307 Stanford Street2 CedarsBoth hazardous10/3/2011
4104 Leland StreetElmDead10/12/2011
4403 Walsh StreetTree of HeavenUndesirable Tree Species10/12/2011
6703 Maple AvenueNorway Maple and Box ElderBoth Undesirable Tree Species10/12/2011
4208 Maple TerraceTulip PoplarHazardous10/20/2011
4409 Stanford StreetNorway MapleUndesirable Tree Species10/20/2011
4225 Leland StreetDogwoodDenied10/24/2011
4500 Leland StreetOakHazardous11/1/2011
4405 Ridge StreetHemlock, Sweetgum, False CypressAll Hazardous11/1/2011
4109 Thornapple StreetRed OakHazardous11/3/2011
6915 Ridgewood AvenueBlack WalnutHazardous11/10/2011
4118 Aspen StreetAshHazardous11/10/2011
7213 Ridgewood AvenueBlackgumDead11/10/2011
3910 Blackthorn StreetNorway MapleUndesirable Species11/16/2011
4311 Leland StreetElm, WalnutBoth Hazardous11/17/2011
7608 Lynn DriveSilver MapleHazardous11/17/2011
7622 Lynn DriveAshHazardous11/17/2011
4409 Stanford StreetNorway MapleUndesirable Species11/28/2011
4313 Stanford StreetBox ElderUndesirable Species12/3/2011

7201 Meadow LaneBeechDecay at base12/15/2011
7416 Oak LaneTulip PoplarStructural roots compromised12/20/2011

Red MapleDecay at base12/20/2011

MulberryUndesirable Species12/20/2011
7105 Oakridge AvenueSilver MapleUndesirable Species12/20/2011
7201 46th StreetWhite PineTopped with poor structure12/20/2011