Community Relations Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Relations Committee is to create a deep sense of community and neighborliness among the Town’s residents by organizing varied events and activities for residents of all ages and interests for their enjoyment and to provide them with occasions to meet and interact with one another; continuing to evaluate and consider additional ways to improve communications to and between Town residents; providing new Town residents with the information they need to be active participants in the Town; and sponsoring opportunities to support those in need in the greater area of Montgomery County.


  • Irene Lane, Council Liaison
  • Tambra Leonard, Co-Chair
  • Quynh Tran, Co-Chair
  • Julia Bellinger
  • Maryanne Courtney
  • Anne deFontnouvelle
  • Emily Helms Williams
  • Farrell Kelly
  • Peter Ladegaard
  • Tambra Leonard
  • Michele Marston
  • Danielle Muenzfeld
  • Aki Peritz
  • Barbara Rose
  • Loretta Sevier
  • Marjorie Shaw
  • Julie Stanish
  • Cathy Wolf

Virtual Event Recordings

Committee Goals

Committee Reports

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are posted prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted upon approval at a regularly scheduled committee meeting.

Initiatives & Policies