Snow Removal

Street Snow Removal

The town is responsible for snow removal from town streets. Plow crews operate continuously until the streets are clear. Park cars either in driveways or on the even side of the street to ensure safe passage for the crews.

Please do not park cars on the odd side of the street unless otherwise posted. If you have any additional questions about snow removal, please contact the Town Office.

Sidewalk Snow Removal

In the event of winter weather, residents are responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalk in front of their house. The town assists with the clearing of public sidewalks only when snow accumulates to 6 inches or more. The snow removal will begin as soon as practically possible after the end of a snowstorm, and the town's contractor will do all they can to limit excessive noise. In icy conditions, the town manager will use his discretion in determining whether to salt and sand public sidewalks. The town will continuously update information on the sidewalk snow removal program on its website, Alert TOCC, and the Town Crier so it will be accessible to you throughout the winter season.

Residents who need assistance clearing snow from their sidewalks up to 6 inches, and residents who can offer assistance shoveling snow for their neighbors in need, may contact the Town office. Assistance can be offered by residents willing to volunteer or charge for their services. The Town will provide the lists of those needing help, and those offering it, to any Town resident upon request. We also encourage residents to use the private Town Neighbors listserv to seek or offer assistance with sidewalk snow removal.

Residents also may contact any of the service providers listed below for assistance clearing snow from their sidewalks up to 6 inches.

Private Walkways and Driveways

Clearing snow from private walkways and driveways is the responsibility of the homeowner. The Town has identified several companies that offer private snow removal services. These companies and their phone numbers are listed below.

Colonial Landscape & Design: 301-585-4200
Rolling Acres Landscaping:  301-421-9600
McDonnell Landscaping:  301-924-2600

This list is open to all service providers who wish to be added. The Town of Chevy Chase makes no representations, express or implied, as to the ability, fitness, or performance of any contractor listed herein.

Winter Preparedness
Please click here for additional information on winter preparedness